Prof. Dr. Dilek TEMÄ°Z DÄ°NÇ

Department of International Trade and Finance

Çankaya University

Room: K-214

Phone: (312) 233 1215

Course Description

This course is to provide students with the necessary toolkit to analyze and extract information from economic indicators and statistics. There are huge amounts of numerical data in economics such as inflation, growth, interest rates and so on. These data must be analyzed in order to extract the necessary information to guide decisions. We will concentrate on economic indicators to include fiscal, monetary and trade (i.e, the balance of payment accounts, exchanges rates etc.) indicators in this course.

This Course Gives What to the Students?​

1.Some basic information about classification of the statistical variables and statistical methods.

2.Calculating and using descriptive statistics in economics and business.

3.Using SPSS and EViews  in calculating descriptive statistics.

4.Using SPSS and EViews  to draw statistical graphs.

5.How to use or calculate ındex numbers in economical data base.

6.How to use regression analysis in economics and business sciences by using SPSS and EViews.

7.How to use correlation analysis in economics and business sciences by SPSS and EViews